Miracles of Love

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Miracles of Love

  • The disciples were overwhelmed by the size of the crowd… but the Lord fed the multitudes—with 12 baskets left over…
  • The disciples were unprepared for a terrifying storm—but Jesus spoke the Word and calm and peace prevailed…
  • The disciples were broken and scattered in despair—but the Father raised His Son from the dead—and the tomb is still empty!

Our God has an amazing way of delivering us from evil, rescuing us from the storms, surprising us with His grace, protecting us during battle and elevating us when we feel most overwhelmed.  Truly, He is a good, good Father!

What is even more amazing is when He turns and tells us, “to feed the crowd…” or “to not be afraid…” or “My peace is upon you…!

The Christmas Store Miracle

It seems to me that Jesus is speaking to us in some of the same ways as we move toward Christmas as a Congregation!  He is trusting us with by far and away the largest Christmas Store ever!

We will serve more children, provide more toys, love on more families, minister to more areas of the county, tenderly address more hurts, confront more strongholds, provide more prayer and watch the Lord move in more glory than ever in this ministry…!

Did you hear the word MORE?  More crowd than we have ever served before… But OUR God still multiplies the gifts!  More storms calmed than we have ever seen calmed… But OUR God still commands the calm quieting the storms!  More resurrection peace and glory needed… But OUR God is LIFE, and the tomb is still empty!

Our plans are to serve at least 56 families and 140 to 175 children… sell (at 10 cents on the dollar) close to 500 toys… pray with 50 to 100 folks while teams are wrapping all those gifts…

We’ll do this by operating two Christmas Store areas simultaneously while operating two wrapping rooms all day long—and four prayer rooms!  I can almost smell the cookies and hot cider and candies we will serve while listening to, praying with, and loving on our neighbors.  We will also surprise each family with a food box complete with a frozen turkey, dressing mix, canned goods, and other Holiday delights…

How?  God is going to have to multiply…calm… and display His Risen Glory!  All of us as His disciples need to be ready to serve…  we need every disciple distributing the “bread and fish…”  we need all hands in the boat… and we need to be together to witness the power of His presence as our hearts are warmed and our eyes opened…!

God is entrusting us with a vision and mission bigger than ourselves.  He wants us to rely on HIS power, HIS provision, HIS grace, HIS love, HIS Word, HIS victory.  HE is our only hope.  This is as exciting to us, or should be, as when the disciples gathered up the twelve baskets of leftovers, or looked up at a clear sky from still waters, or touched the wounds in His hands and feet.

We are entering a miracle of love and dare not miss it!!!


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