Love in Action

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Love in Action

It is exciting to be part of this great church family!  Last Sunday was the most powerful experience of the Holy Spirit’s presence in a worship service that most of us have ever experienced.  In all truth, we experienced Pentecost, and on Pentecost Sunday of all things!!

What is almost as exciting is the transformation taking place on Sunday mornings and Wednesday Evenings.  I want all of us to be excited about what is happening in our family!

  • We are adding adult short-term classes on both Wednesday nights as well as Sunday mornings.  These classes, like the Men’s class on Wednesdays, or Darren Ford’s new class on Spiritual Gifts on Sunday mornings, are a great way to grow as disciples and to get to know new folks.  They also give the significant number of gifted teachers in our congregation an opportunity to operate in their Spiritual gifting.  Our goal is to have at least two adult classes running at any given time on both Wednesday evenings and on Sunday Mornings.
  • Wednesday evenings at 5:00 a new Life Group/Prayer Meeting is meeting in the Sanctuary under Catherine Cate’s leadership.  The presence of the Lord in this gathering is overwhelming!
  • A new Pre-School Children’s class has formed on Wednesday nights from 6:00 to 7:30 under the leadership of Carissa Houser, in addition to Connie and Donna’s K-5 class, Tina’s 6-8middle school class, and John Cahill’s senior high life group and class.  There is also a Nursery provided.
  • Our Children’s Sunday School Classes are now using new curriculum coming from Bethel Church in Redding California.  The Curriculum focuses on Children experiencing the Lord and learning how to truly hear Him.   Reports from our Sunday Schools and Son Seekers are exciting as Children focus on hearing and journaling as they see and hear the Lord.

PARENTS – this means your children are part of a Sunday School experience that is fluff-free and Jesus-full!

ADULTS – this means that coming Weds. evenings and Sunday mornings at 9:00 is well worth your time.

FOR ALL OF US – this is what Love in Action looks like in the life of a church.  Our Children are learning the deep things of Jesus in fresh new ways.  Spirit-gifted teachers have new opportunities to use the gifts God has placed in them.  Spirit-led people of all ages have new and ongoing opportunities to grow as disciples.

THE HOLY SPIRIT – is moving in new ways in our Family as we move in renewed ways by His leading.  AVAIL yourself to HIM!  Join a new class.  Invite friends and families to church.  Receive a fresh Baptism!

SERVE in the Children’s Sunday School Ministry!  See Tina Green for info and opportunities!

SAVOR the awakenings happening in our Family as the Awakening of all awakenings unfolds before us!




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