Heartbeat of First Church

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The HEARTBEAT of Livingston First Church

Our Heartbeat is: 

To love God and Neighbor in Worship, Word, and Life Groups.

“Christ is the Head of the Church, which is His Body.” (Colossians 1:18a)

There is no question about it:  Jesus is the Head of His Body, the Church.  Regardless of the name on the door, all Christians are joined at the Head—Jesus!  This should always remind us that our unity in Christ far outweighs the distinctives that individuals and congregations enjoy…

Jesus is the Head of the Body, the Church!  But as 1 Corinthians 12 makes clear, the Body of Christ is made up of many parts—both individually and as congregations.  Each of us has a unique role within the greater Body, and that role must be lived out within a congregation of fellow believers (because Christianity is first and foremost relational).  Congregations therefore have various “heartbeats.”  Every Congregation within the greater Body of Christ has its own unique: Contribution… Emphasis… Purpose… Direction… HEARTBEAT…!

AT Livingston First Church, our Heart Beats with a passion for the distinctives that also defined the life of the First Church, the earliest Christians, as recorded in the book of Acts:

WORSHIP – We focus upon the power of the Sunday Morning Gathering.  Worshiping together in Songs, Communion, Giving, Exhortation, Prayer, a Biblical Message, and an Invitation highlights our week as a Community—and it is something we don’t rush through.  We give the Lord the time and space to be God!

WORD – We strongly encourage everyone to daily read the Bible.  We use the Life Journal as our reading guide and HEARING tool.  By reading about 4 chapters of Scripture a day, you will read through the whole Bible—and twice through the New Testament—on a yearly basis.  By all of us reading the same chapters together, we will hear God speak to us as a Community weekly.  By writing down what “jumps off the page” at us, we will quickly learn how to HEAR God speak to us daily!  Yearly…Weekly…Daily… WE ALL NEED TO HEAR THE WORD!

LIFE GROUPS – We gather together in various homes throughout the week in small groups as patterned for us in the New Testament.  Likewise, our Life Groups use the Biblical model of question-asking, rather than being a sermon study group, or a bible study, or a book study.  Each week and in every Life Group, a question is asked and each participant answers.  The question might be something like this:  How much time did you spend with Jesus this week, and would you like to spend more with Him next week?  Whatever the question is, honest answering gives the Holy Spirit room to heal, restore, convince, correct and bless.

With Worship, Word, and Life Groups forming three “chambers” of our heart together, we recognize there must be one more chamber to form a human heart—and the Cross that is formed by those four chambers!  Community-focused outreach is this fourth chamber—allowing us to love God and Neighbor by looking outward while growing upward.   From healing services to food ministries; from missions to wide-open facilities, we take faith outside these walls—and we do so as those who are ever-growing as disciples.

If your heart is beating with excitement in reading this, then you may have found a perfect place to call “Home!”  But please understand the heartbeat of this church calls people to real maturity and genuine growth—while avoiding the traps of religiosity and churchianity.  You will be challenged!  But more so, you will be BLESSED!!  With Jesus as Head and a truly Biblical Heartbeat, Church is really… A Beautiful Body!

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