Elder Love

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Elder Love

We had an amazing time last weekend as a church family!  I have had many tell me that this past weekend was a breakthrough for our church—the dawning of a new season full of promise and potential that is truly exciting.  There is a palpable sense of unity and joy in our congregation that is refreshing and glorious.  Truly, our “mourning has been turned to dancing!”

The Pop-up Church experience at the Lake on Saturday was a great time of fellowship, testimony, and outreach.  Sunday morning Worship was incredible.  The Sunday evening “Oaks of Righteousness” Fellowship and Worship time was powerful—both the time we shared eating delicious food around the tables and the times of delicious prayer and repentance and worship around the cross.  Many did not leave that service till close to 10:00!

I have received word of at least one salvation and one medically documented healing miracle since last weekend!!  Many more of us were deeply touched and transformed…

But for me, it was the training on Biblical Eldership that was as powerful in the Lord as anything else we did together as a family last weekend.  Listening together to the Spirit of God as we heard great teaching on what Elders in our Church could mean to us spiritually was just astounding.

Collectively, over 30 leaders in this congregation heard the Lord leading us to raise up Elders in our church to be spiritual leaders who help carry the load, pray as intercessors, augment altar prayer, and help in healing, deliverance, and disciplinary ministries.  For a pastor with a passion to equip the saints for ministry, this is an exciting season for me indeed!

I will be sharing more about Biblical Eldership from the pulpit in the coming weeks, but, like everything else we are about, this is simply a move to be more like the FIRST Church in the book of Acts in terms of local leadership, vision, and accountability.  All of us should be excited!!

As we are reading together in both Timothy and Titus, there are clear and concise character qualities we look for in Elders.  As we read in many other places in Scripture, God raises up leaders to advance the Kingdom.  May it be so here!

This is the most exciting season I have seen in the 16 years I have been here.  It is a wonderful time for us a church family and for the Kingdom of God.  I praise the Lord for it—and I praise the Lord for the honor of serving here with you!!

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