FAITH comes from HEARING

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2016: The Year of FAITH

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. (Romans 10:17)

Jesus challenged His disciples to have the depth of faith to move mountains, cast out defiant demons, and even sleep through storms that would otherwise be terrifying. He wants us grow to be Abrahams, who have such profound trust in Father God and the Lamb He has provided that we can walk calmly through any situation… Jesus the Perfect Lamb calls us to perfecting FAITH!

As the Scripture reminds us, Faith comes from hearing, and hearing is developed by the power of the Word.   Faith comes from being truly able to hear Jesus alive in our spirit. Faith comes by Jesus the Word speaking Himself into our newly opened ears. Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6), and faith comes from hearing the Gospel, and hearing comes from hearing the Word of God…!

One of the pillars to our life together as a congregation is HEARING the Word of God, by reading through HIM on a yearly basis. After all, our Mission statement is “Loving God and Neighbor in Worship, WORD, and Life Groups.” HEARING the Word on a daily basis opens our ears to the endless riches of faith. That is why we don’t read the Word, the Bible, as a study; rather we read it to hear Him speak to us!

BUT, once we have heard Him enough to “get saved,” haven’t we listened enough? Isn’t it adequate to just have a little—like a mustard seed—of faith, and not a Bible full every year? Isn’t it just kind of religious to expect busy people to keep reading the Bible when we already have heard or read good portions of it? Aren’t we just asking for too much?!

First, let’s understand that a “mustard seed” of something as powerful as Faith is huge. Jesus’ point wasn’t “a dab will do you,” it was to encourage His disciples to trust the Faith He has already given us when facing the sudden and unexpected mountain-sized obstacles in our lives…

Remember, the context of the Scripture above concerned the fact that Israel’s religious pride and stubbornness had deafened them to truly hearing the Good News even though they had already (superficially) heard it. Pride and stubbornness—or a sense of failure, fear, or inability—has the same impact on us. Our reading ability is not the issue. Our busy schedule is not an excuse. Our need to HEAR Jesus, to be self-feeding followers of the WORD is critical. The more we HEAR Him, the smaller our insecurities and fears become. The More we HEAR Him the less we stubbornly resist Him. The More we HEAR Him, the greater our FAITH!

It is not religious or legalistic to encourage daily times of hearing; it is the HEARING that removes deadly religiousness and legalism!   Together, lets hear until we HEAR, releasing faith until we have FAITH!!! A lifetime of HEARING is just what we need!

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