The Whole Life Gospel

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There are two types of Life Insurance policies offered: Term and Whole Life. There are two primary ways the Gospel of Jesus Christ is offered: Term, and Whole Life…!

Death is the only way to cash in on a Term life insurance policy. It is simply a way of hedging your bets. But Term life insurance is cheap, readily available, and easy to understand, so far more people buy into it as compared with Whole Life.

Whole Life Insurance, on the other hand, offers rewards and availability in the here-and-now, not just at death. In other words, Whole Life Insurance is all about the here-and-now as well as the then-and-forever. Whole Life Insurance, however, is more costly than Term. It builds in value over time, rather than promising everything at once—if you are just “fortunate” enough to die… Whole Life Insurance takes perseverance and patience to see it come to full value. Most people aren’t willing to wait.

Many churches and many believers have bought into and sell a Term-style Gospel. It costs little now and it promises big rewards when we die, so it sounds very appealing. Millions make small “payments” every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening, week-in and week-out, as the look forward to dying…

Far fewer churches—and believers—buy into and share a Whole-Life Gospel. There are much higher up-front costs with this Good News—people actually have to know Jesus intimately and personally and learn to “withdraw” from the treasuries of heaven as they go about living the Gospel in their whole life. People buy into a Whole Life Gospel by opening their whole life daily to the presence and influence of the One who is Life, the One who came to make us Whole…!

The rewards of a Whole-Life Gospel, however, are amazing in the her-and-now! People actually get set free; people actually experience the Life after death—NOW! Whole life may be more costly, but it is also infinitely more powerful and useful in terms of bringing others to the Gospel and making life in the here-and-now worth living…!

While the American Church has been busy preaching and teaching a cheap form of Term gospel, the Church in Asia, South America and Africa has been offering a the Whole Life Gospel to folks. It has cost many there absolutely everything—and has gained multitudes Life Himself…!

Our Church is a Whole Life Church. Our insistence on Word, Worship, and Life Groups seems costly and too time consuming to most Americans. But the rewards—here-and-now, and forever—are out of this world!!!

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